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Leverage Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Technology to Ensure First-Pass Resolution Rate (FPRR) Of 90% Or More – Part 2 (What Providers Need to Know, From a to X12)

Healthcare providers should track claims first-pass resolution rate to determine how to reduce accounts receivable (AR) days. The topic was introduced in the article, “Reducing Accounts Receivable (AR) Days with Revenue Cycle Management Technology (How to ensure claims first pass resolution rate of 90% or more Part 1).” Though this article and the aforementioned can […]

Reducing Accounts Receivable (AR) Days With Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Technology [How to Ensure Claims First Pass Resolution Rate of 90% Or More] – Part 1

It is obvious that healthcare providers administer the most important services one could receive. These professionals work tirelessly, conducting medical procedures with unwavering focus and attention to detail for the sake of the patient. In the same way, revenue cycle management (RCM) services, including the technology that supports the process, should facilitate payment, carefully but […]

5 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Need a Revenue Cycle Management System and Billing Support [A Simple Guide to Effective Medical Billing Technology and Services].

To thrive within a complex universal healthcare system, providers need a user friendly, end-to-end  Revenue Cycle Management product and services, including billing support.    What is the Revenue Cycle? A series of healthcare related events that initiate and complete the payment process. This revenue cycle, from end-to-end, begins with a scheduled medical appointment and culminates […]

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