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Ready to move your career to the next level? HealthRecon Connect is the place for you. We’re looking for talented, motivated professionals to join our team and help us change the face of healthcare.

At HealthRecon Connect, we believe that our success is tied to our values and the way we treat our clients, colleagues, and community. We strive to embody our guiding principles in everything we do.


Client Value Creation

It is important to know our customers and what a successful outcome means to them. HRC is always looking for ways to deliver the best possible service and we treat a win for them as a win for us. We are able to accomplish this because we pay attention to detail in every conversation. It is important to stay in constant contact and respond on time, every time.


Reaching for Excellence

We maintain expected quality standards in everything we do and display genuine passion for learning, research and asking questions to expand our knowledge of our customer and the industry. We strive to apply and share our growing knowledge for better delivery of services and are open to feedback and constructive criticism to continuously grow and improve important relationships we build with each other and our customers.


Ethics, Integrity, Transparency

HRC strives to maintain full confidentiality of client information and takes responsibility for the integrity of every delivery and outcome. Our team gives credit where it’s due and maintains the utmost integrity and transparency in all of our day-to-day actions. We respect colleagues, competitors, and customers, avoiding conflicts of interest and handling all information responsibly.


Display of Stewardship

The HRC team behaves in a manner that demonstrates the integrity and values of our company brand by setting positive examples both on a professional and personal level. We avoid waste, whether is of time or company resources. We empower team-members through collaboration participative management and coach, mentor and provide constructive feedback to create positive team improvements. Each team-member is involved in the immediate community and the wider community.


One team

We understand that we all belong to one family at HRC. We respect and value differences between each other and avoid discrimination, harassment, and intimidation at all costs. We foster collaboration among team members, stressing the importance of helping one another and sharing our knowledge. We value each other’s personal time and personal space, but also respect that each member is a reflection of the team.

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