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Combating Healthcare Fraud and Securing Your Revenue Cycle Management

The healthcare industry has been increasingly targeted by fraud, with significant repercussions for both providers and patients. In 2024 alone, healthcare fraud incidents have surged, compromising patient care and leading to billions in losses. Understanding the prevalent fraud schemes and implementing robust security measures is crucial for healthcare organizations to safeguard their operations and clients. […]

The Crucial Role of Cybersecurity in Revenue Cycle Management

Safeguarding Financial Health in Healthcare  In the digital age, healthcare organizations are not just centers of healing; they are also custodians of vast amounts of sensitive data. This data fuels two critical domains: revenue cycle management (RCM) and cybersecurity. The intricate interconnection between these two domains is vital for the financial health and operational security […]

Game Changer – Artificial Intelligence in Revenue Cycle Management

Game Changer - Artificial Intelligence in Revenue Cycle Management

The healthcare industry is no stranger to transformation, but perhaps one of the most significant advancements in recent years is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into revenue cycle management (RCM). As industry navigates the complexities of modern healthcare systems, the adoption of AI in RCM is proving to be a game-changer, offering substantial benefits […]

Benchmarked Comparisons for Optimal Healthcare Competitiveness – Part 1

Imagine cementing your organization at the highest tier of medical facilities, maybe something like the top 20 hospitals in the nation. Think about how your staff would respond if you achieved that honor. Your essential workers might feel rewarded, perhaps even grateful, and relieved. And your consumers, the surrounding community, and others who value excellence, […]

Healthcare Business Intuition Drives Artificial Wisdom

If you’ve been introduced to the latest healthcare technology, buy into it. Use it to set your business straight, to see where you’ve gone wrong in your workflow, and to “level-up” your everyday processes. Your revenue cycle cannot complete a robust and healthy rotation without the related advances and methods of artificial intelligence (AI). Smart […]

5 News-Worthy Reasons to Adopt Healthcare Consulting

Your business stays stuck in the red. You’ve had to cut much-needed services. You are laying off staff in the middle of a labor crisis while wading through the departure of your CEO and complicated leadership changes. Your business deserves a break and so does your administration. They have done all that they could to bring […]

Billing for Global Impact, Coding for Revenue Cycle Gains

You know what’s at stake: national and international impact. Submitting the most appropriate procedure codes could not only boost your payments, but also fuel health awareness on local, state, and federal levels, and for the healthcare community abroad. The data you code and send to insurance payers could then give way to advances that inform […]

Pivoting to Success With Analytics and Automation

Data that alerts the public to potential epidemics and pandemics, impacts morbidity and mortality rates, influences research and preventative healthcare measures demands your attention. You need to know how that insight will affect your cost of labor, supplies and materials, and your ability to provide valuable healthcare services. More important, you have to evaluate the data […]

Defeat the Credentialing Process (And Protect Revenue) At All Costs.

Empowered People Jump-Start Revenue Plan your business strategy down to a science. Then, implement those goals like the most significant game of chess you have ever played. You will have to see and understand each move, two, three, maybe even five steps ahead. Start with the credentialing process, one key, but exhaustingly tedious, move in […]

Offset Shortages With Effective Scalable Services

Imagine building efficiency despite disastrous world events. Or wielding selective services to absorb the impact of chaotic markets. What if you controlled the size and scope of technology to nurture high-volume revenue? Then you would’ve discovered the rewards of scalability. After years of witnessing our infrastructure bend and break, the need to access and scale […]

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