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  1. Does my billing partner possess extensive and thorough industry expertise that can be tailored to my laboratory’s specific payors, sample types, and capabilities?

  2. Has my billing company informed me about the recent updates to the urine drug testing regulations?

  3. Have they offered to collaborate with my clinical team to maximize reimbursements under the framework of the new 14 drug classes?

  4. Has my billing company updated me on the NEW Medicare changes that dramatically impact infectious disease testing reimbursement in NON-MolDX Medicare regions?

  5. Have they provided a path to optimal reimbursement capture as well as the major commercial payor policies regarding infectious disease?
  6. Has my billing company updated me on PGX Medicare billing and provided me a path to payment for commercial payors?

  7. Does my billing company meet with me weekly, provide insightful reporting and online data analytics that allows me to collaborate and optimize my reimbursement?

Rick Chitty

Chief Commercial Officer

+1 704 609 3201

Brett Walker

Chief Client Success Officer

+1 214 907 4216

Linda Protopapas

Executive Vice President Sales

+1 214 901 6086

William Baus

Director of Laboratory Services Support

+1 214 517 9884

Benjamin Stokes

Director of Onboarding

+1 318 366 8701

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Discover the power of our advanced platform that combines automation and analytics with a white-glove service to drive accuracy, efficiency, and speed.

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From eligibility checks to credit balance resolution, our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet your unique revenue cycle management needs.

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Comprehensive Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management Services

HealthRecon Connect offers a complete suite of revenue cycle management services designed to optimize revenue, increase efficiency, and reduce costs for laboratories of all sizes.

Eligibility and Benefits Check

We ensure that every patient’s insurance coverage is properly verified before testing is conducted, reducing the number of rejected claims and minimizing administrative errors. This helps labs avoid delays in payments and improve their revenue cycle management.

Preauthorization Management

We take care of obtaining pre-authorization for lab services, saving you time and effort, and ensuring timely reimbursements.

Test Qualification / Scrubbing (pre-testing)

We thoroughly check each test order to ensure accurate coding and billing, minimizing claim rejections and delays.


Our experienced coders accurately code each test and procedure, optimizing reimbursements and compliance.

Charge Entry and Submission

We enter and submit each charge promptly and accurately, reducing payment delays and ensuring maximum revenue.

Rejections/ Exclusions

We monitor and manage rejections and exclusions, ensuring claims are resubmitted and processed promptly for timely reimbursements.

Payment and Denials Posting

We track and manage each payment and denial, ensuring accurate posting and reducing claim denials.

Secondary and Tertiary Payer Billing

We handle the complex process of submitting claims to secondary and tertiary payers, ensuring prompt and accurate reimbursements.

Denial Management

We work to prevent claim denials and manage those that occur, identifying and resolving the underlying issues to maximize revenue.

Insurance Collections

We specialize in efficient and effective insurance collections to ensure timely payments for our lab partners, so they can focus on providing exceptional care.

Level 1, 2 & 3 Appeals

We provide comprehensive appeals management services, leveraging our industry expertise to ensure labs receive the maximum reimbursement allowed.

Patient Billing

Our patient billing services include streamlined and accurate invoicing, minimizing errors and reducing the time spent on billing, so labs can focus on their core operations.

Custom Report Creation and Implementation

We offer customized reporting services to our lab partners, providing them with valuable insights into their financial performance and helping them make informed business decisions.

Payment Integrity Reviews

Our payment integrity review services help our lab partners identify and prevent improper payments, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of financial loss.

AR Recovery

Our accounts receivable (AR) recovery services help labs collect outstanding payments and reduce their AR backlog, ensuring consistent cash flow and increased profitability.

Small Balance Projects

We specialize in managing small balance projects for labs, allowing them to efficiently collect payments and reduce their administrative burden.

Cash Acceleration Programs

Our cash acceleration programs help labs increase their revenue cycle velocity, enabling them to receive payments faster and improve their cash flow.

Credit Balance Resolution Projects

We provide credit balance resolution services to help labs identify and resolve over-payments, ensuring compliance and reducing financial risk.


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Rick Chitty

Chief Commercial Officer

Over his 20+ year career, Rick has held senior leadership roles across multiple healthcare business platforms with private and Fortune 100 organizations. Rick brings extensive experience and leadership in the areas of organizational and sales execution, business planning, organizational design, marketing functionality, product development, strategic partnerships, M&A, and team development.

Rick holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Harding University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Louisiana Tech University.

Brett Walker

Chief Client Success Officer

Brett Walker, the founding partner and CCSO of HealthRecon Connect is a 25-year revenue cycle management veteran who has managed large CBOs that billed and collected for an array of ancillary and acute organizations. Through his philosophy of operational excellence and leadership development, Brett successfully increased the net revenue at all the organizations overseen by the CBOs he managed.

Brett has demonstrated an execution-oriented success record, improving clients’ cashflow and increasing their time to collect. Brett has seen his clients have an average reduction in time to collect of 21 days and increased up to $223 million in cash per year for organizations he has managed. His specific areas of expertise are in large CBO Management, Hospital Revenue Cycle, RCM Strategies and Solutions as well as leadership development and mentoring.

Brett specializes in applying his RCM expertise and industry knowledge to find unique and strategic ways to increase and maintain net revenue yield for his clients. His knowledge not only includes work with many small practices and groups, but also management with organizations such as Gentiva Health, Children’s Medical Center Dallas, and Dignity Health. Billing and collecting in multiple ancillary and acute organizations have given Brett a diversified perspective on the connections between all areas of the revenue cycle process and how to work with regional and national payers to reduce denials and increase payment adjudication timelines.

Linda Protopapas

Executive Vice President Sales

Linda has over 27 years of experience in the healthcare industry and has also a demonstrated history of working in home health care, skilled nursing, telehealth, banking and contract therapy. Linda ran her own non-medical home care and placement company for over seven years and is highly skilled in B2B sales, customer service, strategic planning, marketing strategy, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Linda has a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Finance from Baldwin-Wallace College and holds Series 5 and 7.

Linda currently resides in San Diego, CA with her husband.

William Baus

Director of Laboratory Services Support

William has over 15 years of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management. His last decade had been entirely focused on laboratory revenue cycle management building onshore, offshore and hybrid teams to satisfy the needs of his clients. William has worked inside laboratories as the internal revenue cycle director with preview over every step in the revenue cycle process as well as managing RCM vendors. He has also worked outside the laboratory as the RCM company owner which gives him a uniquely balanced approach to servicing the revenue cycle for laboratories.

William is tirelessly focused on compliantly maximizing the revenue for laboratories, whether that is through the adoption of technology, application of deep state knowledge of payor and national coding policies or providing access to relationships that can change the bottom line for labs.

William is a resident of Carrollton, TX with twin boys that enjoy swimming, basketball and Roblox.

Benjamin Stokes

Director of Onboarding


Benjamin Stokes is an energetic, young leader in the Healthcare RCM industry. Prior to joining HealthRecon Connect he served as a dual role Business Services and Network Development Representative at Vantage Health Plan where he led the network and market expansion in the state of Mississippi and South Louisiana parishes. He has a strong passion for excellent client relations and team leadership and development.

Benjamin has strong ties to his local community of Monroe, Louisiana. He is a 2014 graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe where he served as the Theta Chi chapter President of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He is involved in the Louisiana HFMA chapter, and other local organizations. While not working he enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelsey, a local veterinarian and their children Bennett and Catherine. He enjoys upland hunting, hiking, and traveling with his family.