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Simplify payments. Amplify results.

Transform your business with the ultimate customer engagement and payment collection platform: SMS and Email Reminders, Analytics and Dashboard, Payment Gateway, and more.

Effortlessly remind and connect with your customers

Send SMS or email reminders, tailored to their preference. Customize your own templates for personalized communication.

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Gain insights and track your business performance

Unlock a comprehensive view of your data and key metrics. Monitor trends and stay informed about your business’s progress.

Manage customer and invoice data

Leverage the data uploader to bulk upload customer and invoice information. Easily update invoices before sending them to customers. Stay informed about the payment status of your uploaded invoices.

Seamless payment experience for customers

Offer an accessible payment gateway for customers to make payments using cards and wallets. Effortlessly track and monitor payments made by your valued customers.

Customize your brand experience

Deliver communications seamlessly under your customers’ brand with our white-label feature.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Experience a seamless and effortless interface designed to be user-friendly for both you and your customers.

Get started quickly

Initiate your campaign in a matter of days with our exceptional client support, ensuring a quick and smooth setup process.

Scale effortlessly to meet demand

Our solution is horizontally scalable, allowing you to expand seamlessly to accommodate up to 10,000 concurrent users without compromising performance.

Robust security measures

Rest assured with our implementation of industry-standard security protocols, including OWASP, token-based authentication, JWT, and MBSS for infrastructure security.

Reliable application support

Ensure business continuity with our disaster recovery and high availability measures. Our dedicated support team is available during business hours, providing on-call assistance when needed.

Let HealthRecon Connect be your partner in success.

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