RCM Services

Frontend meets backend, resulting in end-to-end revenue cycle management. Our compliant, accountable, and transparent services navigate the increasingly complex healthcare payments market, enabling you peace of mind.

HRC covers your entire revenue cycle; from front-end credentialing, accessioning, eligibility checks, preauthorization, medical transcription to payment recovery through billing, claim management, medical coding and denial management. 


Curbing denials at the front-end of the revenue cycle has a far bigger impact than managing them at the back-end. HRC pre-billing services include background checks on patients (e.g., checking insurance coverage, hidden payer detection, referrals) and credentials management. These assist in ensuring the process of billing is smooth.


HRC takes care of steps needed for timely filing of claims and performs any follow-ups as relevant.


On behalf of our clients, we track client daily deposits and reconciliation of payments to each claim. We then post each payment to its corresponding line item, allowing clients to identify payment patterns and improve business practices.


HRC monitors outstanding balances on claims for our clients and takes on all post-care efforts and actions needed for our clients to be compensated for the services they provided.

Patient Services

We offer a range of post-care support to patients, improving patient experience and satisfaction as well as our client’s bottom line.

Outcome based pricing – you only pay for performance

Use of robotic process automation to improve efficiencies

Accessible and intuitive cloud-based dashboard for business intelligence

Access to certified coders and healthcare professionals with over 3 decades of deep domain expertise

Payor discovery tools & automated workflows for missing information management

Quarterly independent audits for coding and compliance best practices

Dedicated local Account Manager and 24/7 global operations team

Specialized team dedicated for credentialling, contracting, appeals and medical records management

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