Terms of Service

The Site is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. Revised September 2020
HealthRecon Connect (“HRC”) is a Delaware Limited Liability Company having its principal office at 550 Reserve St Suite 190 & 250,#21, Southlake, Texas 76092, US
These are the terms and conditions the Customer must agree to prior to using HRC services. This User Agreement (“Agreement”) is a contract between the Customer and HRC that applies to the Customer’s use of the “HRC Payment Portal” service and any related products and services (“Service”) available through www.healthreconconnect.com (“Site”). If the Customer does not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Customer may not use this Site or any of the Services. HRC reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time by posting a revised version on this website. Except if otherwise stated, all amendments shall be effective thirty (30) days after publication on this Site. Notice of upcoming changes will be posted on the HRC website and on notification pages posted in the Customer’s HRC Payment Portal account.

In addition, please note that the HRC LLC website www.healthreconconnect.com has a privacy policy that applies specifically to it. When visiting websites for other countries or regions, or other websites that are owned or operated by HRC LLC, the Customer should review the privacy policy for each specific site, as each may contain different terms.
In this Agreement, “the Customer” or “the Customer’s” means any person or entity (“Users”) using the Service. Unless otherwise stated, “HealthRecon Connect LLC”, “HRC Payment Portal “we” or “our” will refer collectively to HealthRecon Connect LLC, its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, employees and suppliers.


  • In this document the following definitions shall apply;
  • HealthRecon Connect is a Delaware Limited Liability Company having its principal office at 550 Reserve St Suite 190 & 250,#21, Southlake, Texas 76092, US and its successors and assigns.
  • HRC Payment Portal means HealthRecon Connect Online Payment Solution facility
  • Customer means the Users of the platform who have been permitted the use of HRC’s HRC Payment Portal Facility by their respective Clients.
  • Customer Instructions Any request or instruction by HRC effected through the “HRC Online” facility by the use of a User Id and a Password.
  • Intellectual Property Rights Any and all rights of copying design right know how patent design trademark and any other intellectual property rights of any description whether the rights of the HRC therein were acquired by way of acquisition assignment or other mode.
  • Password Any Confidential Password, Code or Number, whether issued or created by the Customer (or any of the Customer’s Users) and any combinations thereof, which may be used to access the “HRC Payment Portal” facility or to issue a Customer Instruction under the “HealthRecon Connect Online Payment Solution facility”
  • Users means a person appointed by the Customer/Agent/Company to act on its behalf in “HealthRecon Connect Online Payment Solution facility” from to be to time.
  • Clause headings are inserted for convenience of reference and shall not affect the interpretation of this agreement. Unless the context otherwise requires, words importing the singular shall include the plural and Vice-versa.


Both Companies and Customers rendering services from HRC can use this Service. Unless otherwise stated, all provisions in this Agreement apply to both Companies and Customers. The Customer agrees that any information the Customer gives to us (“User Information”) will stay in HRC records until termination of this Agreement, for whatever reason, in which case such information will be removed from the HRC systems and/or returned to the Customer and/or destroyed. The Customer agrees that HRC does not need additional consent to store, use and transmit data to third parties provided that this is strictly necessary for the performance of HRC’s customer support duties as agreed and as part of due diligence for detection of money laundering and terrorist funding and subject to any Data Protection or terms agreed herein relating to the confidentiality of information


Access to and use of the HRC Site is subject to all applicable international, federal, state and local laws and regulations. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, the Customer may download, browse material displayed on the HRC Site for personal, non-commercial use only. The Customer may not distribute, modify, copy, publish, transmit, display, sell, license, use, reuse or create derivative works of any of the contents of or material displayed on the HRC Site for any public or commercial purpose without the written consent of HRC or any third party HRC deems necessary. The Customer must retain all copyright and other proprietary notices on downloaded and/or copied material. Any copy of material from the HRC Site the Customer makes and distributes for any purpose must also include these Rules. The Customer may not access or use the HRC Site in any way that could or is intended to damage or impair the HRC Site, or any server or network underlying the HRC Site, or interfere with anyone else’s use and enjoyment of the Site.


The Customer may access the HRC Payment Portal for the purpose of making online payments towards the services rendered via HRC, which is mentioned in the Site. The HRC Payment Portal acts as payment platform towards making direct payments to HRC.

The Customer agrees and acknowledges that HRC is only a facilitator and cannot be a party to or control in any manner any transactions on the Site or on a payment gateway as made available to you by an independent service provider.

The Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the user identification, password, account details and related private information. The Customer agrees to accept this responsibility and ensure the account and its related details are maintained securely at all times and all necessary steps are taken to prevent misuse of the account. The Customer should inform us immediately if the customer has any reason to believe that the password has become known to anyone else, or if the password is being, or is likely to be, used in an unauthorized manner. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that any use of the Site and related services offered and/or any access to private information, data or communications using the account and password shall be deemed to be either performed by the customer or authorized User by the customer as the case may be. The Customer agrees to be bound by any access of the Site and/or use of any services offered by the Site (whether such access or use are authorized by you or not). The Customer agrees that HRC shall be entitled (but not obliged) to act upon, rely on or hold the Customer solely responsible and liable in respect thereof as if the same were carried out or transmitted by the Customer. You as the Customer further agree and acknowledge that you shall be bound by and agree to fully indemnify HRC against any and all losses arising from the use of or access to the Site through your account


  • 5.1. “HRC Payment Portal” facility is made available through a computer-based system or a suite of programs which is a product developed and marketed by HealthRecon Connect LLC.
  • 5.2. Accordingly, the “HRC Payment Portal” facility is expected to enable Customers to give instructions, effect payments and make requests to the HRC through computer terminals.
  • 5.3. This is computer based product and authorization of transactions and identification of request for access and retrieval of information and the receipt and processing of instructions given to the HRC is carried out by a Computer system by reference to a Password and not by reference to signature. Accordingly, authorizations request and instructions given to the HRC by the use of such a Password shall be deemed to be given by the person recognized by such Password.
  • 5.4. Authorization requests and instructions given to the HRC through “HRC Payment Portal” facility by using of a Password shall deemed to have been given by the authorized person recognized by such Password and the Customer undertakes to be bound by the authorization requests and instructions so given.
  • 5.5. Where the person recognized by such Password is a customer or User of a Customer such authorization request and instructions shall deemed to have been given by that customer.
  • 5.6. “HRC Payment Portal” facility is made available by a computer based system or program and a computer generated acknowledgement of instructions and requests is given immediately. However, except designated on-line transactions, in all transactions, compliance time, which may vary from time to time and from transactions, will be made known on request, to the Customer.
  • 5.7. “HRC Payment Portal” facility is available on a 24 hour basis. While the HRC will take all reasonable steps to ensure a continuous and satisfactory service at all times, it cannot warrant or guarantee an uninterrupted or a wait-free service.


  • 6.1. The HRC may in its absolute discretion increase or vary any items in the HRC’s scale of charges with or without prior notice to the customer.
  • 6.2. The Customer agrees and undertakes to pay all charges to the HRC as per the HRC’s scale of charges from time to time, as and when due.


7.1. Verification HRC Payment Portal requires all the Users to become verified for the security of HRC’s network. The Customer agrees to complete account verification procedures by applying for HRC Payment Portal services through our website. 7.2. Payments HRC Payment Portal provides a secure medium through which to make payments online. If the Customer makes an online payment to the site HRC automatically accepts the payment. 7.3. Credit Card Use The Customer can use a credit card to make a payment through the HRC Payment Portal. The Customer must ensure that an authorized and valid credit card is in possession upon registering for the account. If the Customer received a refund and initially paid for the item with the Customer’s credit card, the Customer’s refund will be reversed back to the Customer’s credit card. 7.4. Account Security HRC Payment Portal implements various security measures to protect Customer’s account. With the use of the Customer’s password and/or Transaction PIN, unauthorized transactions will be drastically reduced if not completely eliminated 7.5. Customer Conduct The Customer must not use the website in any way that causes, or is likely to cause, the Site or access to it to be interrupted, damaged or impaired in any way. The Customer must not engage in activities that could harm or potentially harm the Site, its employees, officers, representatives, stakeholders or any other party directly or indirectly associated with the Site or access to it to be interrupted, damaged or impaired in any way. The Customer understands that, the Customer is responsible for all electronic communications and content sent from Customers computer to HRC and the Customer must use the Site for lawful purposes only. As the Customer you are strictly prohibited from using the Site for; (i) fraudulent purposes, or in connection with a criminal offense or other unlawful activity to send, use or reuse any material that does not belong to you; or is illegal, offensive (including but not limited to material that is sexually explicit content or which promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm), deceptive, misleading, abusive, indecent, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, libellous, obscene, pornographic, paedophilic or menacing; ethnically objectionable, disparaging or in breach of copyright, trademark, confidentiality, privacy or any other proprietary information or right; or is otherwise injurious to third parties; or relates to or promotes money laundering or gambling; or is harmful to minors in any way; or impersonates another person; or threatens the unity, integrity, security or sovereignty of your respective country or friendly relations with foreign States; or objectionable or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatsoever; or which consists of or contains software viruses, political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings or any “spam” Use the Site for illegal purposes, (ii) to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety, (iii) for any other purposes that is other than what is intended by us.


  • 8.1. The HRC Payment Portal acts as a platform which allows the Customers to process payments. Customer’s shall receive system generated invoices to the Customer’s designated email address. All such Payments to the said invoices shall be made within a period of Seven (7) days upon receiving an invoice.
  • 8.2. The Customer shall also have the option of making part payments against the said invoice, but note the invoice will remain as an unpaid invoice until the full payment is made


  • 9.1. The Customer undertakes to ensure that its Users keep all Passwords strictly secret and confidential at all times and that no one other than the Users will have access to or have knowledge of his password.
  • 9.2. The Customer shall ensure that security measures within the customer’s control are both adequate and properly maintained.
  • 9.3. The Customer shall ensure that its Users change their Passwords regularly to ensure greater security.
  • 9.4. The Customer shall ensure that all entries to its accounts are monitored closely and checked and verified regularly and that HRC is notified of any error or discrepancy forthwith.
  • 9.5. HRC may accept any customer instructions given by using a Password acceptable to HRC’s HRC Payment Portal facility as authentic and properly authorized and the HRC shall be under no obligation to investigate the authority of the persons giving customer instructions or to verify the accuracy and completeness of customer instructions so given.


This Agreement’s term will begin as soon as the Customer accepts these terms and will continue as long as the Customer uses the Site or the Services of HRC Payment Portal

10.1. Activities Resulting in Account Limitation and Termination HRC reserves the right to limit Account access and the right to terminate this Agreement without prior notice for any of the following: (a) Reporting unauthorized or unusual credit card (b) Consistently failing to follow the process mentioned by HRC (c) Sending unsolicited email (d) Using the HRC Payment Portal account to facilitate fraudulent activity (e) Violating this User Agreement in any way (f) Using an anonymizing proxy (g) Receiving excessive complaints from Customers about the Customer’s account, business or service (h) Submitting altered verification documents.

Actions Resulting from Engagement in Restricted or Prohibited Activities If HRC has a reason to believe or suspect that the Customer has engaged or plan on engaging in any restricted or prohibited activities, HRC may take various actions to protect HRC Payment Portal other users or the Customer from reversals, Chargebacks, claims, fees, fines, penalties and any other activity that may render HRC Payment Portal liable.

The actions HRC may take include but are not limited to the following: HRC may close, suspend or limit the Customer’s access to the Customer’s HRC Payment Portal account (such as limiting access to any of the Customer’s payment methods and/or the Customer’s ability to make payments). HRC may refuse to provide the HRC Payment Portal services to the Customer in the future. HRC may at any point ask for information regarding the Customer’s business and HRC may take legal action against the Customer. HRC Payment Portal will use reasonable efforts to investigate accounts that are subject to account access limitations and to reach a final decision on said limitations. By following this User Agreement, the Customer can help protect the account from becoming limited.


  • 11.1. The Customer shall be fully responsible for all Customer Instructions given and payments/transactions effected by the use of a Password attributable to one of its Users. The Customer and/or the Users concerned shall not be entitled to disclaim responsibility for Customer Instructions so given without the Customer’s knowledge or authority and/or without the knowledge or authority of a User.
  • 11.2. The HRC shall not be responsible for any consequences whatsoever of any Customer Instructions being inaccurate or incomplete. The customer undertakes to notify the HRC immediately by writing addressed to the HRC System Administrator of any known or suspected unauthorized access or unauthorized transaction and in the event of such notification the HRC shall take reasonable steps to avoid the occurrence of loss or damage by such unauthorized access or transaction.


The HRC shall be entitled, but not obliged, to accept Customer Instructions as instructions which have been properly authorized by the customer, notwithstanding that such instructions conflict or may conflict with or are in anyway inconsistent with any other instructions received by HRC relating to any of the Customer’s accounts or transactions. However, HRC may in its absolute direction reject or refuse to act on any Customer Instruction without notice and without assigning any reason to the Customer. HRC is under no obligation to cancel or amend any payment or other instruction after it has been transmitted to the HRC Payment Portal. However, HRC may use its reasonable efforts to act on a request made by the Customer for cancellation or amendment of a payment, remittance or other instruction prior to the HRC’s execution of such instruction, but HRC shall not be liable in any manner howsoever if such cancellation or amendment is not effected.


The duties obligations liabilities and covenants of the Customer shall be in addition to, and not in substitution or derogation of the provisions of any other agreements mandates or document, whatsoever executed by the Customer in favour of HRC and the rights/ entitlements of the Customer under these presents, shall always be subject to the performance of all duties obligations liabilities and covenants by the customer under these presents or other agreements, mandates and documents.


  • 14.1. The Customer agrees that HRC does not warrant or guarantee (whether express implied or otherwise), the fitness, suitability or the performance of HRC Payment Portal facility.
  • 14.2. The Customer agrees and accepts that HRC cannot guarantee that the operation of HRC Payment Portal facility will be uninterrupted or error free. HRC will perform its utmost to ensure that access to the Site is consistently available and is uninterrupted and error-free. However, due to the nature of the Internet and the nature of the Site, this cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, the Customers access to the Site may also be occasionally suspended or restricted to allow for repairs, maintenance, or the introduction of new facilities or services at any time without prior notice. We will attempt to limit the frequency and duration of any such suspension or restriction


  • 15.1. The Customer hereby appoints HRC as the Customer’s agent for the purpose of:
  • 15.1.1. Instructing on the Customer’s behalf any relevant institution to transmit or otherwise communicate to HRC and/or its IT Division any information concerning the Customer and the Customer’s account(s) whether now in existence or opened hereafter with any such institution; and
  • 15.1.2. Agreeing on the Customer’s behalf with any relevant Institution that the provisions of this undertaking shall mutatis mutandis apply as between the Customer and such Institution (references in these clauses to HRC being deemed to be references to such Institution and references in these clauses to HRC Payment Portal facility being deemed to include references to any similar services provided by such Institutions.)


The Customer authorizes HRC to provide third parties with such information relating to the Customer and the Customer’s account(s) as may, in HRC’s reasonable opinion, be necessary in order to comply with the order of any court, government agency or lawful authority in any jurisdiction.


The Customer agrees that HRC shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss or damage whatsoever which the Customer may suffer if HRC is delayed or prevented from providing the Customer with the HRC Payment Portal facility or any other service by reason of strikes, industrial dispute, failure or suspension of power supplies or telecommunication system or other system or equipment or any other causes beyond HRC’s control, including technical causes in HRC’s computer or software systems, whether such causes constitute force majeure or not.


18.1. HRC’s Liability

  • a) If the Customer has a dispute with one or more Users, the Customer releases HRC Payment Portal from any and all claims, demands and actual/consequential damages related to Customer’s transaction(s) with said User(s) unless this results from wrongful or negligent acts attributable to HRC. HRC provides its services “as is” without any warranty or condition.
  • b) HRC makes reasonable efforts to ensure that requests for electronic debits and credits involving bank accounts, credit cards and cheque issuances are processed promptly. HRC makes no representations or warranties regarding the amount of time needed to complete transactions because the Service is largely dependent upon many factors outside of its control.
  • c) Under no circumstances will HRC be liable for any lost profits, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection to the Site, its Service or this Agreement. Under no circumstances shall HRC’s liability to the Customer exceeds the amount of the revenue earned from transactions carried out by the Customer in the three months prior to the event leading to liability.

18.2. Customer’s Liability

  • a) If the Customer does not report unauthorized transactions in Customer’s HRC Payment Portal account, the Customer will be liable for any resulting damages. HRC will do what it can to recover the funds, but if we are unable to recover them, Customer will assume responsibility for the losses.
  • b) Customer’s HRC Payment Portal account is protected by a password. As long as the Customer keeps the password confidential, no one will be able to access the information in Customer’s HRC Payment Portal account. If a member shares their password with others or allows others to discover and use their password with the account, the account holder is giving access to the information in the account and assumes all responsibility for transactions in this account.
  • c) Please note that all activities performed on the Customer’s account while logged in will be assumed to be performed by the account holder. The account holder also understands that delegating authority to operate his account also amounts to ownership of any and all activities performed on his account. This includes but not limited to; Integrations and configurations, Business registration and verification, Transactions, Account settings and Use of HRC Payment Portal’s business solutions.
  • d) Note that any User must be logged in to perform business verification.
  • e) Under no circumstances shall the Customer’s liability to HRC exceeds the amount of the revenue earned from transactions carried out by HRC in the three months prior to the event leading to liability.
  • f) The Customer agrees that if either the Customer or HRC begins litigation or arbitration, the prevailing party is entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and any other costs incurred in addition to any other relief to which the prevailing party may be entitled.
  • g) The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold HRC harmless for unauthorized transactions done through the Site. It is very important to contact HRC immediately if the Customer believes the Customer’s account has been compromised or if someone has transferred money through Customer’s account without Customer’s permission. Notifying HRC as soon as possible will limit Customer’s liability.


The Customer agrees not to contest and to be bound by the validity or enforceability of messages including Customer Instructions transmitted electronically between the parties as part of the provision and use of HRC Payment Portal facility. Any messages, if introduced as evidence in any judicial or other proceedings, will be admissible as between the parties subject to the same conditions as other records that are maintained in documentary form and the parties shall not bring into question or dispute the admissibility as evidence of messages exchanged and stored on the basis of this agreement.


  • 20.1. This agreement and………… constitutes the entire agreement between HRC and the Customer relating to the use of the HRC Payment Portal facility, but any other agreement(s) between the parties and/or ……………… relating to the conduct of the Customer’s account(s) with HRC by means other than “HRC Payment Portal” facility shall be unaffected.
  • 20.2. Each of the provisions of this Agreement is severable and distinct from the others and, if one or more of them is or become illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remainder shall not be affected in any way by reason of such illegality, invalidity or unenforceability.


  • 21.1. HRC reserves the right to change by way of alteration, addition, deletion or amendment the terms and conditions contained in this agreement with a simple notice giving the effective date to the Customer. If the Customer does not agree with such changes, the Customer shall terminate this agreement on or before the effective date of change by giving written notice of termination prior to the effective date. If the Customer does not give such written notice of termination it shall be deemed that the Customer has accepted the change.
  • 21.2. Notwithstanding any law or practice to the contrary, the Customer agrees and accepts that the HRC Payment Portal facility is a general service provided by the HRC to customers and the HRC shall have the absolute and unquestionable right and authority to change any term or condition of this agreement and that the Customer’s only remedy is to terminate this agreement.


The HRC may (but shall not be obliged to) record and the Customer hereby consents to the HRC recording all transactions, remittances effected and instructions given by using HRC Payment Portal facility in discs and/or any other method or medium and the customer agrees that the only evidence of such transaction or instruction shall be such recording by the HRC and such recording shall be conclusive and binding on the customer and will remain the property of the HRC.


If there is more than one person as Customer then under these terms and conditions apply,
  • 23.1. Liabilities and obligations of each of them shall be joint and several,
  • 23.2. Reference to the Customer shall be construed, as the context, to any or each of them,
  • 23.3. Each of them shall be bound even though any other Customer of any person intended to be bound hereby is not, and
  • 23.4. HRC shall be entitled to deal separately with the Customer on any matter, including the discharge of any liability to any extent, without affecting the liability of any other Customer.


The Customer shall keep HRC indemnified at all times against claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, costs, and expenses which may be brought against or incurred by the HRC and which shall or may arise directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the “HRC Payment Portal” facility consequent to any failure breach negligence commission omission or representation (including representations contained herein) on the part of the Customer or its agents or servants unless due to the willful default of the HRC and this indemnity shall continue to be valid and effectual notwithstanding the termination of these presents.


Either party may terminate this Agreement on thirty (30) days’ notice to the other provided that HRC shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement immediately in the event of a material breach or threatened breach of it by the Customer or upon closure of the Customer account(s) with HRC or in the opinion of HRC the Customer or any of its employees or agents pose a potential threat to the security of HRC Payment Portal facility.


Upon termination for any reason the Customer’s ability to use HRC Payment Portal facility and any material or information provided for that purpose shall cease forthwith and the Customer shall immediately return to HRC all materials, including all copies thereof, and erase any content related to HRC of held on storage and the HRC shall be entitled to destroy or make ineffective all Passwords given to Prime Delegates of such Customer.


Any notice or communication to be given pursuant to this agreement shall be sufficient.


All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, enforcement and interpretation of this Agreement hereto shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the Laws of the State of Tennessee without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules or provisions (whether of the State of Tennessee or any other jurisdiction) that would cause the application of the Laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of Tennessee. In furtherance of the foregoing, the internal law of the State of Tennessee shall control the interpretation and construction of this Agreement, even though under that jurisdiction’s choice of law or conflict of law analysis, the substantive law of some other jurisdiction would ordinarily apply.


I, (the “Customer”) hereby request HRC to permit me the use of HealthRecon Connect Online Payment Solution facility named “HRC Payment Portal” and in considering of doing so, I agree, undertake, bind and oblige ourselves and my successors as stated above.


Dr. John McHenry, MD

Compliance Advisory Panel

Copy of Profile Pictures (2)

Dr. John McHenry, MD is a Cardiology Specialist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his medical degree from University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 33 years. Dr. McHenry also has the following credentials. 


Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease

Diplomate, Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology

Diplomate, National Board of Echocardiography, Adult Comprehensive Echocardiography

Diplomate, Certification Board of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners, Physician & Surgeon

Colonel (Ret), Medical Corp, United States Army


Regional Vice-President - Sales and Growth


Derek is an experienced and accomplished executive sales leader with nearly 20 years experience in the healthcare and tech industries. He has been instrumental in accelerating sales growth with both large organizations, as well as smaller start up organizations and is an exceptional team builder and culture creator. He has spent the majority of his career at the forefront of bringing new technologies and value added services to the healthcare industry. Derek has also had the opportunity to create, develop, and deliver global sales strategies and execution to early stage tech companies and build the initial sales structure for globally distributed teams.

Derek is a proud graduate of Arizona State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management. Derek lives in San Diego, where, in his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities, working out, and is passionate about international travel.


Chief Executive Officer


Denver is a trusted advisor and an experienced Senior Management Executive with over 18 years of US Healthcare experience helping GPs, Specialists, ASCs, Hospitals, Ancillary Care and Allied Care Providers achieve sustainable revenue growth and financial stability.


His experience includes setting up and managing large scale global delivery centers and leveraging many reputed healthcare, IT and related service providers in enabling end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management, Revenue Cycle Transformation, Healthcare Analytics and consulting services and solutions. Denver has an expert understanding of the healthcare system, key drivers, best practices, disruptive technologies and emerging healthcare delivery models. He is passionate in the use of technology and advanced statistical modelling to drive quality outcomes in patient care and satisfaction levels while reducing costs and increasing revenue for healthcare providers.


Denver holds a First-Class BSc (Hons) in Technology and Computing from the University of Portsmouth, UK, and an MBA (Finance) from the University of Leicester, UK. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and 3 children.


Chief Operations Officer


Brett Walker, the founding partner and COO of HealthRecon Connect is a 25-year revenue cycle management veteran who has managed large CBOs that billed and collected for an array of ancillary and acute organizations. Through his philosophy of operational excellence and leadership development, Brett successfully increased the net revenue at all the organizations overseen by the CBOs he managed.


Brett has demonstrated an execution-oriented success record, improving clients’ cashflow and increasing their time to collect. Brett has seen his clients have an average reduction in time to collect of 21 days and increased up to $223 million in cash per year for organizations he has managed. His specific areas of expertise are in large CBO Management, Hospital Revenue Cycle, RCM Strategies and Solutions as well as leadership development and mentoring.


Brett specializes in applying his RCM expertise and industry knowledge to find unique and strategic ways to increase and maintain net revenue yield for his clients. His knowledge not only includes work with many small practices and groups, but also management with organizations such as Gentiva Health, Children’s Medical Center Dallas, and Dignity Health. Billing and collecting in multiple ancillary and acute organizations have given Brett a diversified perspective on the connections between all areas of the revenue cycle process and how to work with regional and national payers to reduce denials and increase payment adjudication timelines.


Chief Consulting Officer


Chris Joiner is an innovative healthcare leader, driven to improve the healthcare process through focused on results. Experienced in revenue cycle, financial operations and management, information technology, as well as strategic planning, project management and tactical implementations, Chris has a history of creating successful business strategies, recruitment and development of powerful leadership teams, enhancing revenue streams, and reducing operating costs, while improving both internal and external customer service levels, consistently improving service levels while achieving growth in client base, market share and profit. Chris exhibits excellent communication skills to coordinate efforts between diverse groups and serving as a catalyst for positive change. Chris is focused on reaching challenging goals through collaborative interactions and open dialogue.

Chris’ past includes a 10-year engagement at the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, where he led access, financial counseling, fifty-five OP clinics, three PFS system implementations, managed the highest volume pediatric ER in the US and ran the business office. After his time at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, Chris moved on to Revenue Cycle consulting and sales for a period of four years at Cerner where he spent his time in the role of Revenue Cycle Consultant.

Chris’ next engagement was selling fully outsourced revenue cycle services to hospitals with Perot Systems. During his time with Perot Systems, Chris moved to the role of VP of Consulting where he ran a team of 37 consultants nationally. Optum360 contacted Chris after Dell purchased Perot Systems. Chris served in several roles at Optum360 including the creation of the Outsourcing Sales Model for Optum360, revenue cycle sales, the contracting of Dignity Health for revenue cycle outsourcing, and ultimately a role as VP of Revenue Cycle, managing 28 consultants in Sacramento, California and 24 in Phoenix, Arizona. Chris then moved to Accordias, where he focused on Revenue Cycle Turnaround projects by consulting in interim roles. Chris provided a range of $8M – $79M in true cash lift per client while engaged as an interim leader.

During his career, Chris served as President for the following professional organizations in Texas, ACHE, AAHAM, and HFMA. Chris is one of the founding members of Texas De Peru, a non-profit medical mission organization supporting free healthcare in Peru.

In his free time Chris is a sailing Captain, a Dive Master and an avid traveler. Chris enjoys time with his wife Mary and his dog Molly at their home in Grapevine, Texas.


Chief People Officer


As the Chief People Officer, Thilini helps shape the overall People Strategy for HealthRecon Connect. With over 15 years of experience in both HR specialist and generalist disciplines, Thilini has a deep domain knowledge of Human Capital Management within the Business Process Management Industry. While she is passionate about learning and development and technology enabled HR services, she drives the overall strategy for Human Capital Management for HRC in her current role. Her Industry experience includes 15+ years in the BPO/KPO space, Revenue Cycle Management, Finance and Accounting. During her career, Thilini has worked with multicultural teams and has supported global operations, whilst adhering to international quality and process improvement standards and industry best practices.

Thilini holds an MBA from the University of Colombo and a BA in Business Administration from the University of London.

A mother of one and an Entrepreneur, Thilini also plays an advisory role for the BPO Connect Group of companies.


Vice-President - RCM Operations


Wayne is a dynamic and accomplished business consultant with an exemplary track record of providing the vision and leadership for domestic organizations. He utilizes tireless attention to detail, insatiable work ethic, and loyalty to customers, which have yielded significant growth in customer revenue cycle and overall business productivity. Wayne possesses an aggressive drive to streamline office efficiency through innovative and detail-oriented business practices which have resurrected many client’s billing offices instantly.

Recognized for improving organizational competence and adeptness through extensive experience in all areas of the program management life cycle, Wayne has positioned himself as a leader in Revenue Cycle Management and has an expert ability to forge solid relationships and communicate with strategic partners on all levels, instilling confidence that the job will be completed perfectly.

Wayne has produced and managed millions in annual medical claims for offices spreading over multiple specialties and disciplines, supervised CBO activities for hospital chains with a combined revenue of over $600+ million and with multiple facilities in over 17 states, organized, trained and managed numerous direct reports into various SME groups including billing, denials management, high dollar collectors, underpayments, credits, refunds, EOB validation and high volume collection teams and directed all training and production essentials.

Wayne is an alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin.


Vice-President – Client Services


Dawn serves as Vice President, Client Services where she is passionate for driving customer lifetime value.

With more than 20 years of demonstrated history of strategic healthcare revenue cycle operations for large, complex healthcare organizations, academic medical centers, community hospitals and medical groups. She is an energetic, poised, and articulate results-driven business and technology executive, with a track record in achieving organizational revenue cycle metric improvements. She has proven ability to build world class customer success teams promoting customer-centric mindset across organizations.

Prior to joining HealthRecon, Dawn managed multi-faceted revenue cycle account management and operation teams for McKesson and Change Healthcare. She also owned and operated an end-to-end revenue cycle management company specializing in new technology procedures.

Dawn is a zealous advocate who serves as a Long-Term Care Ombudsman and Certified Guardian ad Litem. She splits her time between the beaches of Florida and the Smokey Mountains with her husband and dogs.


Regional Vice-President - Sales and Growth


Clement is a passionate, strategic, and driven healthcare leader with over 17 years of qualitative and quantitative RCM Industry experience. He has worked with HealthSpring Inc and assisted with the Cigna-HealthSpring merge as a SME in business analytics, billing procedures, and employee development. He has also worked with HCA, where he led projects for his executive leadership on Payer Trends, Collections Process Improvement, and Denials Management.

Clement has been a part of the HealthRecon Connect executive leadership for close to 4 years and started out as the Quality and Training Manger for a RCM CBO based in Nashville, TN, developing SOPs, employee training material, and leadership development criteria. During his time as one of the Regional US Account Managers, Clement made a positive impact on the organization’s sales division with stellar relationship building and contract negotiations.

Clement is a graduate from the University of Phoenix and has a BA in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management. He is a member of the National Society of College Scholars for his academic achievements. In the off chance that Clement is not building long lasting relationships in the Healthcare Industry, he enjoys volunteering for community service and mental health initiatives in his hometown of Nashville, TN. Clement is a professional photographer/videographer of 9 years and has a daughter, Yasmine, that motivates him to better himself daily to become a better man, father, and a business professional.


Executive Vice President Sales

Linda has over 27 years of experience in the healthcare industry and has also a demonstrated history of working in home health care, skilled nursing, telehealth, banking and contract therapy. Linda ran her own non-medical home care and placement company for over seven years and is highly skilled in B2B sales, customer service, strategic planning, marketing strategy, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Linda has a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Finance from Baldwin-Wallace College and holds Series 5 and 7.

Linda currently resides in San Diego, CA with her husband.


Regional Vice-President - Sales and Growth

Mitch has over 20 years of sales experience with success in creating paths to grow market share and exceed goals. She is extremely passionate about the healthcare industry and has worked in the hospice and post-acute and acute space with companies like Curantis Solutions, Cardinal Health, Kinnser and CareAnyware and sold software and medical supplies in this market since 2012.

Mitch has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising from Penn State University and has Masters of Business Administration from University of Maryland University College. She lives in Pennsylvania, has four children, three dogs and spends her “free” time mostly attending kids’ sporting events.


Chief Technical Officer

Jake - BW
Jake has over 08 years of experience working in agile teams at large organizations while undergoing the shift from waterfall development to agile. His experience includes various roles, including that of a scrum master tasked with being the thought leader on process improvements and has worked in organizations such as PBT Group Australia and Planit Software Testing. Jake is joining us from RulesLab where he held the position of Head of Technology.

Jake has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Astrophysics and a Honors Degree from the School of Mathematics (Astrophysics) at the Monash University, Australia.


Associate Director of Operations

Profile-Pictures-14-1024x1024 (1)
Melissa has over 13 years of Revenue Cycle Management experience in Healthcare. Melissa comes to us from Envision Physician Services, where her responsibilities included the effective end to end management of Anesthesia billing for 4 hospitals and 12 Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) in Central Florida. Previously, she spent 9 years at McKesson Corporation demonstrating success in overseeing daily operations of Radiology Billing for Hospitals, Physician offices, and Mobile Imaging clients across the United States. As a visionary leader, Melissa leverages excellent leadership and teamwork skills in order to ensure that objectives are completed on time for delivery to the client.

Melissa holds AS degrees from South University in both Business Administration and Accounting. Her ability to quickly assess situations and learn on the spot has enabled her to make far reaching decisions for the company, contributing to growth and fostering a welcoming environment for employees.

Melissa is a Florida native, married with two children, and in her spare time enjoys traveling and spending time with her family outdoors.

Dr. John McHenry, MD

Vice-President - RCM Operations

Ryan Corker BW

Ryan is a healthcare executive with more than a decade of tenure in the RCM industry. His knowledge base spans the full spectrum of RCM, as he has experience working directly for hospitals and physicians, as well as serving in consultant and process engineering roles for leading RCM third party firms. This panoply of roles provides him with a unique perspective, which allows him to view RCM from a hospital or physician client’s position. Ryan has a passion for leading teams and for mentoring junior leaders. To him, there are few things more professionally exciting than seeing junior leaders earn promotions. He has managed large central business offices in the institutional and professional billing spaces, and he brings a rigorous focus on continued operational improvement to HealthRecon Connect.


When not working to create “raving fans” of HealthRecon Connect, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and three children in the countryside of East Tennessee. The whole family participates in living history events from the Colonial and Revolutionary War periods. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, and he served five years in the Army as an officer in the 1st Cavalry Division. Ryan is also a musician and singer on his church worship team, as well as an avocational genealogist.


Associate Director of Operations


Benjamin Stokes is an energetic, young leader in the Healthcare RCM industry. Prior to joining HealthRecon Connect he served as a dual role Business Services and Network Development Representative at Vantage Health Plan where he led the network and market expansion in the state of Mississippi and South Louisiana parishes. He has a strong passion for excellent client relations and team leadership and development.

Benjamin has strong ties to his local community of Monroe, Louisiana. He is a 2014 graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe where he served as the Theta Chi chapter President of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He is involved in the Louisiana HFMA chapter, and other local organizations. While not working he enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelsey, a local veterinarian and their children Bennett and Catherine. He enjoys upland hunting, hiking, and traveling with his family.


Associate Director of Operations

Michael is a senior manager with 20 years of extensive experience in Healthcare Financial and Revenue Cycle Management. He is skilled in government defined healthcare management guidelines, auditing, Medicare and insurance provider practices and is experienced in developing and implementing corporate and individual facility continuous improvement initiatives for major healthcare organizations.

Michael has an excellent background in accounting process improvement, oversight of multiple location financial reporting and compliance with government guidelines, budgeting, and both, project, and team management.

Prior to joining HealthRecon, Michael was the Director of Patient Financial Services at Christus Good Shepherd in Longview, Texas.

Michael is a Texas native. While he is not working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, attending sporting events, being at the lake, and anything outdoors.


Associate Director of Operations


Joy is a current North Carolina resident with over 10 years of experience leading all facets of Revenue Cycle Management. She began her career in her native city Los Angeles as an EPIC Analyst and clinician trainer for UCLA Health Systems. Joy’s passion has driven her to perform in several key roles during her time in the healthcare industry.

After spending most of her career in Southern California working with large hospital, lab and payer systems like CHOC, Ambry Genetics and CalOptima, Joy decided to branch out to the East Coast and offer her expertise in the field genetic and laboratory testing.

Joy is a certified CPC and CPB with the AAPC and holds a Master’s Degree in Health Administration with a focus in Health Informatics. Currently in her role as Associate Director of Operations with HealthRecon Connect, Joy is utilizing her lifelong experience and coding expertise to help clients achieve their highest potential in compliant billing.

In her free time, Joy loves to make music, play her guitar and make gourmet dog food.


Director of Laboratory Services Support


William has over 15 years of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management. His last decade had been entirely focused on laboratory revenue cycle management building onshore, offshore and hybrid teams to satisfy the needs of his clients. William has worked inside laboratories as the internal revenue cycle director with preview over every step in the revenue cycle process as well as managing RCM vendors. He has also worked outside the laboratory as the RCM company owner which gives him a uniquely balanced approach to servicing the revenue cycle for laboratories.

William is tirelessly focused on compliantly maximizing the revenue for laboratories, whether that is through the adoption of technology, application of deep state knowledge of payor and national coding policies or providing access to relationships that can change the bottom line for labs.

William is a resident of Carrollton, TX with twin boys that enjoy swimming, basketball and Roblox.


Director of RCM Operations


Christina Moore is an effective leader with over 15 years in all aspects of the revenue cycle operations, specializing in client account management, business operations and data analysis. She also has a vast knowledge in system implementation and data management.


Christina has a knack for always finding the most critical need in a situation and successfully strategizing to ensure that need is filled. She has supported and managed millions of dollars in accounts receivable for some of the largest hospital systems in the US.


Her experience includes collections, customer service, billing, cash posting, patient access, denial management, and bad debt offloads for the University of Colorado Health System, University of Pennsylvania Health System and Northwestern University Health System. Her knowledge spans through many different specialties, family practice, gynecology, oncology, sleep medicine, behavioral health and chemical dependency; facility and physician.


Christina is best recognized for increasing cash collections and decreasing aged accounts receivable.


Regional Account Manager

Ananda Seay is a healthcare expert and leader with over 20 years of experience. She has excellent management skills, which drives resolution for the completion of any task assigned. She has the knowledge and skillset to manage, as well as the coordination to execute all aspects of the revenue cycle process. Her past experiences include cycle billing, hospital, clinic, laboratory, and home health/hospice.

Ananda has over 13 years of laboratory experience including operations, clinic management, and compliance. During her time at Woodbury Clinical Laboratory and the American Esoteric Laboratory, she was able to build a company with an excellent reputation for providing cost-effective resources to the community. She was also able to forge strong client relationships and deliver excellence. During her tenure with the organization, the organization received the Future 50 Small Business Top Revenue recognition for 3 years. Ananda also served as a consultant for the American Esoteric Laboratory.

Over the past five years, Ananda has worked in different leadership roles such as account payables, receivables, and human resources and is familiar with all aspects of daily operations and functions of facilities. Ananda wore many hats; some of her roles were safety committee chairwoman, payroll administrator, and employee relations. After being in a leadership role at Accordias, Ananda joined the HealthRecon Connect account management team after a period of two years.

Ananda holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Fisk University and loves spending time with her family. Her hobbies include swimming, reading books, and traveling.


Associate Director of Coding

Shelley Duncan is a result focused, highly motivated professional with a career spanning over 26 years in the medical billing and coding arena. Shelley has a background in medical billing, coding, chart review, and revenue cycle management in the following fields: physician office, ambulatory surgery center, outpatient surgery, ancillary services, inpatient, anesthesia, therapy, and chiropractic.

Shelley holds a CPC certification from AAPC, an AA Degree from Spartanburg Community College, and a BA Degree in Psychology from Converse College. She attributes her success to her ability to develop and implement a well-focused strategic approach and motivational leadership skills. Shelley has instructed over 400 students at the local community college in coding preparation to attain their CPC credentials from the AAPC.

Shelley is originally from outside of Nashville, TN but now resides in Spartanburg, SC. She enjoys spending time with her amazing husband and spoiling their 12 grandchildren.


Director of Operations - RCM

Casey Arnold BW

Casey Arnold comes to HRC with 25 years of experience in RCM. With a significant eye for detail and strong analytical skills, he identifies areas of focus and timely resolution, contributing to the overall financial health and success of his organization. His experience in RCM comes with a background in Home Infusion, Hospital, Cardiology, Oncology/Hematology, Ophthalmology, OB/GYN, RT/DME, Radiology, Home Health, Intraoperative Neuromonitoring, and Family Practice.

With his strategic eye for trend assessment, Casey provides critical process improvement skills. He leverages statistical data to promote individuals and strengthen team development. In his position, Casey works with a variety of vendors to improve DSO, Accounts Receivable aging and other issues, and functionality. He continuously takes advantage of any opportunities for improved customer satisfaction for both internal and external customers.

Casey holds multiple coding certifications in CPC, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and Compliance. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling abroad, attending various festivals, and practicing martial arts.


Director of Operations - RCM

Tynisha - BW

Tynisha is an innovative and performance-driven leader with 25 years of hands-on experience in Revenue Cycle Management. She has a proven record of identifying and implementing process improvements to increase revenue, optimize workflows and improve client satisfaction. Tynisha has been recognized as a strong analytical problem solver consistently capable of creating solutions to meet complex, emergent and/or ambiguous challenges and needs of both clients and operations.

Tynisha is a certified six sigma master black belt and holds masters degrees in both business and healthcare administration from the University of Texas, Pan American. She resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and four children. In her mythical free time, she shares her hobbies of sewing and photography with her friends and family.

Wade McFaul

Compliance Officer

Wade - BW

Mr. McFaul retired after 25 years of service with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General.  During his tenure with the OIG, Mr. McFaul worked various cases as a Special Agent, and supervised Special Agents as an Assistant Special Agent in Charge/Supervisory Special Agent. The matters handled by Mr. McFaul included hospitals, physicians, clinics, laboratories, durable medical equipment suppliers, diagnostic testing centers, and pharmacies. Healthcare fraud investigation subject matters included allegations of kickbacks, billing for services not rendered, identity theft, money laundering, medically unnecessary services, mail fraud, wire fraud, safe harbor violations, Stark law violations, upcoding, diversion, and unbundling.


Mr. McFaul supervised agents in the OIG’s Los Angeles Regional, Honolulu Field, Las Vegas Field and San Diego Field offices, and coordinated with criminal and civil prosecutors in the Central and Southern District of California, District of Hawaii, and the District of Nevada.


During his tenure, Mr. McFaul worked with numerous partner agencies including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, FBI, Medicaid Fraud Control Units, DEA, IRS, ICE, and DOD, and various non-governmental contractors.   Moreover, he supervised the Los Angeles Medicare Fraud Strike Force for five years, resulting in 105 indictments, 47 convictions and more than $32 million in restitution.


Mr. McFaul was both a case agent and supervisor for a six year joint undercover operation with the FBI and numerous other partner agencies. He provided the predication for the operation which ultimately resulted in 22 convictions and more than $13 million in savings to the Medicare trust fund.

He worked, and later supervised a joint undercover case with Immigration and Customs Enforcement involving money laundering Medicare checks through a confidential informant. The project involved monitoring more than 2,000 calls via a Title III wiretap and numerous consensually monitored informant/subject meetings.


He supervised HHS involvement in the Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force and the HHS/DEA tactical diversion task force.


After retiring he worked with the National Benefit Integrity, Medicare Drug intermediary (MEDIC) investigating Medicare Part D Prescription Drug fraud cases.


Mr. McFaul served as a fraud investigations and audits Subject Matter Expert helping clients understand and navigate CMS audits, audits by government intermediaries and private insurance carriers.

Dr. Alberto J. Montero, MD, MBA, CPHQ

Compliance Advisory Panel

Dr. Montero - BW

Dr. Montero is clinical director of the Breast Cancer Medical Oncology Program at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center and an associate professor of medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He is board certified in medical oncology by the American Board of Internal Medicine.


Dr. Montero has been in academic practice for over 13 years and has demonstrated a strong track record of clinical research in breast cancer. Prior to joining the UH Seidman Cancer Center team, Dr. Montero spent seven years at the Cleveland Clinic, where he served as a staff physician in the hematology and oncology department, as well as chief quality improvement officer and patient experience officer. Before that, Dr. Montero was on staff at University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center as Breast Cancer Site Disease Group co-leader, and at the Medical University of South Carolina Division of Hematology/Oncology.


Dr. Montero graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree at University of Texas at Austin and earned his medical degree from University of Texas, Galveston. He also earned his MBA at University of Miami School of Business. He completed his internal medicine residency training at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and his hematology-oncology fellowship at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.


Dr. Montero is very active in breast cancer research and has served as Principal Investigator in numerous clinical trials. He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications. He has served on numerous committees and editorial boards, including serving as associate editor for Breast Cancer Research & Treatment, and recently has served as a reviewer and study chair for the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP). He is a member of several professional societies, including American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Association of Cancer Research, and Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer.


Honors and awards Dr. Montero has received include membership in the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, the Papanicolaou Corps for Cancer Research Pap Corps Fellowship, and the ASCO/AACR Methods in Cancer Research Workshop and School of Breast Oncology Course travel awards.